Marine Rescue NSW crew responds to sinking vessel off Illawarra Coast

January 26, 2024

A volunteer crew on board Marine Rescue NSW vessel Botany Hacking 30 was tasked by NSW Police Marine Area Command last night after an EPIRB was activated by a distressed vessel with three people on board off the Illawarra Coast.

Marine Rescue NSW Inspector Courtney Greenslade said a five to six metre centre console boat reported it was sinking approximately half-a-nautical mile (1km) east of the Sea Cliff Bridge at Stanwell Park.


“Botany Hacking 30 was deployed just after 7:00pm.

“The BH 30 crew with the support of radio operators from the Marine Rescue Sydney State Communications Centre headed to the location in fading light to provide assistance.

“Our rescue vessel was closing in on the distressed boat but it thankfully made its way to Bellambi boat ramp unaided.

“The movement of the distressed vessel slowed the intake of water allowing it to get back shore.

“If the situation deteriorated our volunteer crew was well positioned to assist the three people on board the distressed vessel.

“When offshore it is important to have an EPIRB on board and depending on the distance a boater is travelling it is a legal requirement to carry one.

“Activating an EPIRB emits a continuous distinctive radio distress signal for up to 48 hours which aids Emergency Services to coordinate a rescue response.

“An EPIRB is an important lifesaving tool and should only ever be used when a person is in grave and imminent danger which was the case last night,” Inspector Greenslade said.

Marine Rescue NSW is a volunteer based not-for-profit professional organisation dedicated to keeping boaters safe on the water and supporting local communities.

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