Boat smashed apart near Yeppoon

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A man in his 80’s was rescued after his boat was smashed on rocks near Yeppoon

RACQ Capricorn Rescue came to the rescue after a boat was destroyed at Miall Island, off Yeppoon coastline in strong winds on Saturday morning.

The rescue service was alerted at 6am after the approximately 12 metre vessel smashed into rocks and an emergency beacon (EPIRB) was activated.

An RACQ Capricorn Rescue spokesperson said the rescue service located the vessel and sole occupant thanks to the EPIRB device.

“It is believed the vessels anchor separated in strong winds around 11pm Friday night with the emergency anchor not being able to be attached and the engine unable to be started,” they said.

“Subsequently the vessel was washed ashore and destroyed on impact.

“The sole occupant, a man in his mid-80s was located standing among the wreck whereby it was decided to winch the Rescue Crew Officer onshore to assess the man.

“The man had received severe cuts and abrasions to his lower and upper limbs during the ordeal and was dehydrated and frail.”

Due to the man’s condition, it was decided to winch the man from the bow of the broken vessel as he was too weak to move.

He was winched around 200 ft due to buffeting winds coming across the Island.

After being winched to safety, the man was flown to Rockhampton Base hospital in a stable condition suffering dehydration, abrasions and shock after the event.

It is believed the man is not local to the area.

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