WST Combiner 850-CMB102

850-CMB102 – 2-Channel Signal Combiner

121/406MHz signal combiner.

WST Combiner 850-CMB104

850-CMB104 – 4-Channel Signal Combiner

121/243/406/AIS signal combiner.

WST 850-BB100 – I/O Breakout Board

850-BB100 – I/O Breakout Board

USER I/O Breakout Board and Cable.

Used on:
WST 850-PRB100 – Temperature Probes

850-PRB100 – Temperature Probes

RTD Stainless Steel temperature probe attachment.

Used on:
WST Wi-Fi Pilot Plug Adaptor 850-PPA100

850-PPA100 – Wi-Fi Pilot Plug Adapter

Wi-Fi Pilot Plug Adapter for AIS Transceivers.

Used on:
WST 385-UHF-101 – UHF-m to BNC-f Adapter

385-UHF-101 – UHF-m to BNC-f Adapter

Adapter for directly connecting an AIS Transceiver via BNC to the STB100.

Used on:

850-103 – BT200 Custom Waterproof Hard Case

Waterproof (IP67 rated), dustproof, and shockproof hard case with custom foam insert for safely transporting and storing your BT200 Beacon Tester and accessories.

Used on:
WST ISO-Certificate
WST Antenna 420-100
WST Antenna 100-GAA-SMA-M
WST Cable 130-029
WST Cable 130-002
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen