BT200 Beacon Tester

Test all Cospas-Sarsat ELTs, EPIRBs, and PLBs

ELT terster
Beacon Testers WST ELT tester
Beacon Testers WST BT200 ELT tester


General Overview

New and Improved! The BT200 Beacon Tester follows in the footsteps of the BT100 – the most popular Beacon Tester in the world! The BT200 Beacon Tester has improved measurement accuracies, is inherently rugged, and is intuitive to use. Measurements include AIS-EPIRB and AIS Transceivers. Now completely integrated, this tester packs a whole lot of measurement capability into a very small package.

BT200 Beacon Tester – Now Testing AIS!

The BT200 Beacon Tester is The Standard in emergency beacon device testing and now offers the ability to test AIS systems – all with one device!

Building on the features of the industry standard BT100, the BT200 Beacon Tester offers new and improved decode and measurement capabilities for all known Cospas-Sarsat approved emergency beacons, new AIS-EPIRBs, as well as AIS Transceivers (Class A & B).

Don’t risk incomplete testing – use the BT200 Beacon Tester to test your equipment thoroughly.

The BT200 Beacon Tester provides thorough beacon measurement capabilities at an affordable price and includes:
  • measures all 406, 121.5, 243, and AIS-EPIRB parameters
  • measures AIS Transceivers (Class A & B)
  • Receiver is fully integrated into an IP68 rated device – rugged and waterproof!
  • Capable of complete 406, 121.5, 243 MHz channel measurements
  • Receives all Cospas-Sarsat past, current, and future frequency channels
  • Includes an Oscillograph – monitor signals in real-time!
  • Capable of decoding all Cospas-Sarsat protocols, including RLS and ELT(DT)
  • Includes an internal temperature sensor for measurement accuracy
  • Direct connection power measurement accuracy to ± 0.25dB on 406 MHz!
  • External coax allows direct connection between Beacon and tester (no external attenuator required)
  • Internal antenna measures beacon transmission over the air.
  • Very intuitive and easy to use software – familiar Android based operating system
  • User can add text, audio, photos, and videos to each measurement
  • Creates custom PDF Beacon Test Report
  • Creates custom IMO Test Report
  • Easily transfer delimited measurement data to PC for storage or analysis
  • Also can measure 121 or 121/243-only beacons (C91a ELTs)
  • Exceeds all IMO, FAA, IC, and EuroCAE EPIRB, ELT and AIS inspection requirements
  • Identifies beacon manufacturer and model number from Cospas-Sarsat approval list
  • Free software and firmware updates
Included with your Beacon Tester purchase
  • Fully integrated, rugged BT200 Beacon Tester
  • RF Input Interface Cable
  • Booster antenna
  • OTG/USB cable
  • USB cable
  • AC mains charger
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Watertight Storage Box
Software Version 5.22 Notes – January 15, 2024:

· Minor bug fixes.

Two methods of download and installation are available:
From the BT200 handheld device:

1. Make sure the BT200 device has a network connection capable of accessing the internet.

2. From the Settings>Software Updates screen, tap on the hyperlink or navigate to

3. If a newer software version is available then click on Downloads.

4. Save the file in the Download folder on the BT200 device.

5. Once downloaded, use File Manager on the BT200 device to navigate to the Download folder.

6. Locate the downloaded file and tap to install.

7. Once installation is complete you can run the Beacon Test application and go to Settings>About to verify the installed Software Version.

From a PC:

1. Click the above BT200 Software link to download the application.

2. Connect the BT200 device via the USB cable to the PC.

3. On the BT200 device tap ‘Turn on USB storage’.

4. On the PC, locate the connected drive representing the BT200 device.

5. Copy the file downloaded from the WST website to the Download folder on the BT200 device.

6. Once downloaded, tap ‘Turn Off USB storage’ on the BT200 device. Disconnect USB cable.

7. On the BT200 device use File Manager to navigate to the Download folder and tap on the downloaded file. This will install the new software.

8. Once installation is complete you can run the Beacon Test application and go to Settings>About to verify the installed Software Version.

General Screenshots
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
Measurements Screenshots
AIS Testing BT200
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
Limit Tester Screenshots
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen
Graphs and Test Report Screenshots
WST BT200 screen
IMO Test for AIS Screenshots
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
WST Cable 130-024
130-024 – Custom RF Cable MCX-m R/A to BNC-f – 5″

RF cable used to connect the BT200 directly to a beacon or coax cable.

WST Cable 130-025
130-025 – Cable Micro 5-pin Male to USB A Male

BT200 data and charging cable.

WST Cable130-030
130-030 – Custom RF Cable TPS-m to BNC-m – 3′

RF Cable used to connect directly to a beacon with a TPS output port.  

WST Cable 130-031
130-031 – Custom RF Cable BNC-m to BNC-m – 3′

RF extension cable.

WST Cable130-032
130-032 – Custom RF Cable BNC-m to TNC-m – 3′

RF Cable used to connect directly to a beacon with a TNC output port.

WST Cable130-033
130-033 – Custom Length RF Cable BNC-m to BNC-m

RF Extension Cable – Choose your desired cable length. WST provides Cable Loss input factors for any cable length.

WST Cable 130-034
130-034 – Custom RF Cable MCX-m R/A to MMCX-f – 8″

RF Cable used to connect directly to a beacon or coax cable.

WST Cable130-036
130-036 – Custom RF Cable BNC-m to SMA-m – 3′

RF Cable used to connect directly to a beacon or coax cable. 

WST Combiner 850-CMB102
850-CMB102 – 2-Channel Signal Combiner

121/406MHz signal combiner.

WST Combiner 850-CMB104
850-CMB104 – 4-Channel Signal Combiner

121/243/406/AIS signal combiner.

WST Wi-Fi Pilot Plug Adaptor 850-PPA100
850-PPA100 – Wi-Fi Pilot Plug Adapter

W-Fi Pilot Plug Adapter for AIS Transceivers.

850-103 – BT200 Custom Waterproof Hard Case

Waterproof (IP67 rated), dustproof, and shockproof hard case with custom foam insert for safely transporting and storing your BT200 Beacon Tester and accessories.


Why is my battery depleting so quickly?

In order to save battery power, turn off WiFi and keep the screen brightness to a minimum whenever possible. Do not turn off Bluetooth as this is used internally to the BT200.

My Beacon Tester won’t receive either 406 MHz or 121.5 MHz.

Ensure that the proper Input mode is selected. If you are receiving a beacon self test transmission through its antenna, then select Internal Antenna. If you are connected directly to the beacon then select Direct Connection.

The Bluetooth on my device is not functioning.

Some functions on the device, such as Bluetooth, are functions dedicated to the operation of the Beacon Tester. The NFC is also not functional.

My GPS coordinates are being displayed in degrees/decimal minutes (dd°’). I prefer degrees/minutes/seconds (dd° mm’ ss”). How do I change this?

Tap Settings > General > Location Coordinate Format. Select the desired format.

When I launch the Beacon Tester app, after it is Initialized the spinning timer goes for a long time.

The length of time the timer continues depends on the number of measurement files in the Measurements folder. If you reduce the number of files the app will launch quicker.

How do I update the Beacon Tester software?

Use the Google Play Store to install the Beacon Tester app, or go to the WS Technologies Inc. website at and follow the instructions on updating the application software.

When I activate the beacon in self test mode, the measurements produce questionable results. Is there a problem with the beacon?

In order to meet all of the Cospas-Sarsat requirements, a beacon is allowed a 15 minute warm-up period. When testing a beacon in self test, there is no warm-up period, hence some measurements may be somewhat skewed.
Also, in self-test, the 121.5 homing transmission may be different depending on the particular beacon. Some beacons transmit a short modulated signal, some beacons transmit a shorter unmodulated signal and some beacons transmit no signal. The Beacon Tester may indicate “unable to measure details” or “unmodulated carrier” depending on the beacon characteristics.

I am testing an ELT with separate 121.5 and 406 output connectors. What do I do to get the results printed on one Test Report?

Connect to the 121.5 transmitter first, then start the test. Once the Beacon Tester gives the indication that the 121.5 signal has been received, switch the cable to the 406 transmitter without stopping the test. Once the 406 burst is received on the Beacon Tester, the measurement will be complete.

Is the characteristic swept tone audio that I hear when the Beacon Tester receives a 121.5 MHz signal the actual demodulated audio from the beacon?

No, the swept tone audio is just an audio file played when the tester has received a 121 MHz signal.

The beacon I want to measure has offset training frequencies on 121.5 and 243 MHz. How do I setup the Beacon Tester to receive these training frequencies?

Tap Settings > General > VHF Training Frequencies. Activate one or both of the channels, and select the desired training frequencies.

ELT tester
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
WST Antenna 420-100
WST Antenna 100-GAA-SMA-M
WST Cable 130-029
WST Cable 130-002
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen