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beacon tester
Released in late 2022, the new portable host device measures new protocols with the same great performance.
Aid Ukraine beacon tester
WST was contacted by the Aviation State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in need of help, and quickly donated a new BT200 Beacon Tester.
Beacon Testers WST
Kelowna company steps up to help the war effort in Ukraine. WST received an email from the war-ravaged country in early March.
The EPIRB was automatically activated and provided rescuers precise coordinates to begin the search.
personal locator beacon (PLB)
USCG command center received a distress signal from a personal locator beacon (PLB) on the Australian-flagged sailing vessel. 
Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.
The boaters reported that their vessel was sinking and activated an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.
emergency GPS beacon
USCG received a notification from an emergency beacon activated by the dive boat crewmembers vessel when he didn’t resurface.
Personal Locator Beacon
RNLI’s lifeboat was launched within five minutes of being alerted by a PLB to a person who had fallen overboard.
personal locator beacon
Coast Guard officials say a personal locator beacon and life jackets made it a quick and easy search and rescue case.
Due to this mariner’s diligence to have an EPIRB on board his vessel, rescue crews were alerted to his distress and arrive in a timely manner.
personal locator beacon
CHP’s Northern Division Air Operations says the hiker was able to call for help using a personal locator beacon.
personal locator beacon
A personal locator beacon was activated, and officers assisted in extracting the vehicle from the mud.
ELT tester
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
WST Antenna 420-100
WST Antenna 100-GAA-SMA-M
WST Cable 130-029
WST Cable 130-002
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen