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Kelowna company steps up to help the war effort in Ukraine. WST received an email from the war-ravaged country in early March.
Aid Ukraine beacon tester
WST was contacted by the Aviation State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in need of help, and quickly donated a new BT200 Beacon Tester.
emergency beacon
The pair activated an emergency beacon and paramedics and special operations teams rushed to Claustral Canyon Trail.
distress beacon
The 62-year-old Marseille navigator, whose boat had capsized in the Atlantic, got trapped sixteen hours under the hull of a boat.
personal locator beacon (PLB)
A personal locator beacon had been activated and indicated that a medical emergency had occurred on the Signal Ridge Trail.
Responders located and towed the disabled vessel to safety following notification by the boaters using a PLB.
Air National Guard stressed the importance of keeping 406 ELT registration information up to date to expedite rescue operations.
emergency distress beacon
Personnel from 814 Naval Air Squadron were on a training exercise when they picked up the signal from an emergency distress beacon.
The boaters activated their EPIRB and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre picked up the signal and a Border Force plane located the vessel.
emergency locator beacon
Safran Electronics and Defense said that Orolia’s product range was “highly complementary and synergistic” to its own.
After receiving a distress beacon alert, the AMSA diverted a merchant vessel to the yacht's location.
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
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WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen