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personal locator beacon
A police spokesperson said they received a report that a personal locator beacon had been activated,
Cospas Sarsat - Rescue
A demo “accident” used the Galileo Return Link (RLS) Cospas-Sarsat beacon to stage a rescue of 200 passengers from a stricken cruise ship.
The Coast Guard was alerted to the boat after it received an emergency alert from a 406MHz Personal Locator Beacon.
A Coast Guard aircrew rescued a man from a disabled vessel 150 miles west of Sitka within 15 minutes of receiving the alert from the EPIRB.
Autonomous Distress Tracking (ADT) and Emergency Locator Transmitter with Distress Tracking (ELT-DT)
SKYTRAC and ACR Electronics, Inc. have signed an agreement with Embraer to provide ADT and ELT-DT technology.
A sailor shares a unique description of the experience of capsizing a previous boat and being rescued from the North Sea.
An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, or EPIRB, alerted the Coast Guard of the emergency on Monday morning.
emergency beacons PLB
There was no phone signal, but she was discovered by another walker who had a distress beacon that was linked by satellite.
ELT EPIRB 406 beacon
406 MHz beacon owners should update their beacon information to ensure emergency responders have the information they need.
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
WST Antenna 420-100
WST Antenna 100-GAA-SMA-M
WST Cable 130-029
WST Cable 130-002
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen