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A sport fishing boat was caught in a storm off the Jersey coast. The passengers activated their EPIRB when their vessel started to flood.
Epirb beacon tester
Water police received a distress call , when one kayaker lost its outrigger in the wild water, causing him to capsize and his EPIRB to activate.
ELT rescue
The pilot was well-equipped with an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) and SPOT device broadcasting her exact location.
406 MHz beacon
Coast Guard First District watchstanders received notification on 406 MHZ from an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.
safe boating
NSBC and NOAA’s National Weather Service have partnered to share safety information for National Safe Boating Week since 2000.
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Safety partners are joining forces to mark the annual 406Day, raising awareness and promoting the benefits of emergency beacons.
Foreign-registered aircraft flying to Canada after Nov. 25, 2021 will have to have 406 ELTs as part of the country’s new ELT rules.
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
AIS Testing BT200
WST Antenna 420-100
WST Antenna 100-GAA-SMA-M
WST Cable 130-029
WST Cable 130-002
WST BT200 screen
WST BT200 screen