Mandurah ocean emergency: Man and boys rescued after radio and EPIRB surface from sunken boat

Caitlyn Rintoul

The man and two boys hang on the sunken boat’s bow. Credit: Supplied/WA Police

A man and two boys — both believed to be aged 9 — are lucky to be alive after a dramatic sea rescue yesterday.

The drama unfolded when a the 5m fibreglass boat the trio were in started taking on water after being swamped by a big wave about 4.20pm off Mandurah.

The man and the boys had no choice but to hang on to the sunken vessel’s bow with no way of sending out an emergency call.

But in a stroke of absolute luck, a hand-held VHF radio floated past them, which they able to grab and make an emergency broadcast.

Sea rescue retrieves the three from the ocean. Credit: Supplied/WA Police

It was picked up by Peel Water Police and Mandurah Marine Rescue and a police air-wing was sent out to look for the trio.

Then another miracle happened — the boat’s EPIRB surfaced nearby and rescuers were able to hone on the trio’s position as they hung precariously to the bow.

Air-wing officers found them about 18km west of the Dawesville Cut, alerting authorities who pulled them from the water.

The man the the boys were taken to shore, then conveyed to the Peel Health Campus for treatment of hypothermia and jelly fish stings.

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