Marine rescue – Daly River Region

Feb 13, 2023


Northern Territory Police have assisted in the rescue of a man stranded ashore in the Anson Bay Region.

In the early hours of Thursday 9 February 2023, Water Police responded to an EPIRB activation at the mouth of the Daly River from a commercial vessel in distress.

Strong winds resulted in one of the vessel’s tenders breaking free and going adrift.

A crew member used another tender in an attempt to recover the drifting tender. The crew member’s tender experienced engine failure causing him to also become adrift.

Both tenders beached about 5 nautical miles south of the Daly River mouth standing the crew member.

The remaining crew on the vessel were unable to retrieve the man due to the tides and increasing winds.

Water Police members, with assistance from Malak Malak Rangers, were able to navigate the rough conditions and recover the stranded crew member and return him to his vessel.

The commercial vessel has been referred to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority for further investigation.

Senior Sergeant Jakson Evans said “Thankfully no one suffered any injuries and all equipment was able to be recovered.

“This was an excellent example of national and local coordination from police, local rangers and CareFlight resources for a safe outcome.

“It is an important reminder that things can go very bad very quickly when you are on the water and you must ensure you are prepared for the worst-case scenario.”

Police would like to remind everyone, before heading out, to please make sure;

  1. Your safety equipment is in date and serviceable.
  2. Your EPIRB is registered and contact details up to date.
  3. You make a plan and tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back.
  4. You know your bag and species limits.
  5. You know and follow the Marine Regulations.
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