Orolia Defense & Security Collaborates with U.S. Government to Demonstrate Second Generation Beacon Technology

Oct 04, 2022

second generation beacons

Orolia’s PRSS1b Personnel Recovery Device will be among the first to deliver second-generation Cospas-Sarsat signaling for advanced military rescue operations

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Orolia Defense and Security has received initial production authorization to provide PRSS1b Personnel Recovery Devices to the U.S. Army, with shipment beginning in September 2022. The order will fulfill the first contract line item (CLIN) complying with the current IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity). Orolia’s PRSS1b PRD will be the first device of its kind to provide second-generation Cospas-Sarsat signaling that delivers faster and greater location accuracy than any other previously fielded tactical location device.

Cospas-Sarsat is an international, humanitarian search and rescue system that uses space-based technology to detect and locate 406 emergency beacons carried by ships, aircraft, or individuals venturing into remote areas, often inaccessible by mobile phone. The system consists of a network of satellites, ground stations, mission control centers (MCCs), and rescue coordination centers (RCCs) that work together when a 406 beacon is activated.

Following its successful demonstration of second-generation signaling in October 2022, Orolia Defense & Security is expected to be the first to receive Cospas-Sarsat certification.

Michael Stout, Director of Government Programs at Orolia Defense & Security said Orolia’s partnership with the Army is built on trust and leverages Orolia’s market-leading experience in resilient positioning, navigation and timing. Through collaboration, a dedicated team and a critical certification process, Orolia has produced a robust, user-friendly and highly reliable device to locate personnel who become isolated, missing, detained or captured. Furthermore, Orolia is expected to be the first to receive certification against the Cospas-Sarsat second-generation standard that provides faster and greater location accuracy than any other previously fielded tactical location device.

“This is truly a milestone for personnel recovery capability,” Stout said. “Orolia’s commitment to our customer has resulted in one of the most capable devices, delivering unparalleled quality and reliability in a small form factor. Orolia Defense & Security looks forward to the future in fielding this capability to the Army and other services within the Department of Defense.”

For the most critical, remote and high-risk operations, Orolia Defense & Security is your trusted resilient PNT mission partner. Learn more at www.OroliaDS.com/personnel-recovery-device.Visit Orolia Defense & Security at AUSA 2022

  • Orolia will be stationed at the Safran Optics 1 booth (No. 2209) Oct. 10 –12, 2022.

To inquire about Orolia’s products and experience for search and rescue devices, please email Michael Stout at michael.stout@OroliaDS.com.About Orolia Defense & Security

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