Remote rescue mission for tramper trapped under boulder near Queenstown

January 30, 2023


Three helicopters were used during a rescue mission after a rock rolled on a tramper’s leg, trapping them underneath on steep terrain.

A person was reported to be in trouble near Wye Creek near Kingston, about a 25-minute drive from Queenstown, about 5pm on Monday.

The Rescue Coordination Centre (RCCNZ) was notified of the incident after a personal locator beacon was activated.

One person had sustained injuries after becoming trapped under a rock. Another person with them was uninjured.

A police spokesperson said a rock had “rolled” onto the injured person’s leg.

Access to the injured person was “difficult” and “very steep”, a RCCNZ spokesperson said.

Three helicopters from Queenstown were used to give emergency services access to the area. Police, Alpine Cliff Rescue, and Fire and Emergency personnel were involved.

It took more than two-and-a-half hours to free the injured tramper, who trapped under the boulder on steep terrain, the RCCNZ spokesperson said.

One of the helicopters called in flew the tramper to Dunedin Hospital for treatment.

The other two helicopters were used to bring emergency responders back out of the area.

“The rescue highlighted the importance of having a personal locator beacon,” the spokesperson said.

“Activating a beacon ensured the tramping party was able to alert responders they needed assistance and gave an accurate pinpoint of their location to ensure a swift response.”

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