Search and Rescue respond to callouts on the Overland, South Coast Track

The Overland Track, Walls of Jeruselam National Park and Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park areas.

Tasmania Police Search and Rescue were kept busy overnight, with two callouts for assistance.

About 10pm, police were alerted to the activation of a Personal Locator Beacon on the Overland Track near the Bert Nichols Hut.

Search and Rescue ground team accompanied by a wilderness paramedic were dispatched to the area and were assisted by marine officers who provided transport by boat across Lake St Clair.

They walked throughout the night.

About 7am, the the rescue team located a woman who had become lost.

The woman was not injured, and was located 900 metres from the track, she is currently walking with the search and rescue team to Lake St Clair.

In the second incident, Tasmania Police were contacted about 10pm with concerns for a walking party on the South Coast Track near Surprise Bay.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was dispatched, but was unable to land due to weather conditions.

The helicopter returned this morning and ascertained that a distress message had been activated inadvertently.

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